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Services or Offerings?
Request toner and paper for printers in a computer lab.

Request software for faculty/staff computer, classroom or a student computer lab.

Request the installation of existing hardware, surplus equipment and printers, or initiate the purchase of a new computer.

This service can be used by students to request Technology Resources.

Microsoft Teams is a supported collaboration software here at Brockport and the hub for teamwork in Office365.

Microsoft OneDrive is a supported file storage service here at Brockport.

Grant or Modify access or contents of a FileShare on FileCity2 or ResCity

Cisco Jabber allows you to use your campus phone remotely through your laptop or cellphone.

Request access to Zoom with your Brockport account. Please note: Licenses are currently only available to faculty for use in online instruction

This service can be used by Faculty/Staff to request Classroom and Office Technology Resources.