Request to Merge Course

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Service Description

 Requesting for the Registrar to merge your course sections. 

Available to

Faculty and Staff


  • Multiple course sections will be combined into a single NEW parent Brightspace course site.
  • Automatic course enrollments for classes listed in Banner
  • In Brightspace, students would see a course they are enrolled in, but when selecting to enter it, will share the same course content as all other students across all combined courses.


How To Request      

Click the Request Service button and complete the request form.        


Brightspace Support 585-395-5151 Option 6 or 1-844-673-6786

Brightspace Support - Hours can be found on the Academic Systems & Instructional Support page and the Brightspace login page. Please click on the Service Desk Link to Request an Appointment with an Instructional Designer for a one-on-one session.

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Request Service


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