Institutional Research and Analysis Reporting Request

Service Description

This request form is used to request data or reports from Institutional Research and Analysis.  

If you are seeking information for research involving human subjects, you must receive IRB approval and include the approval letter in your data request.  

If you are looking for data regarding any of the following, department Administrative Assistants or Chairs should retrieve them from Banner/ARGOS:  

  • Advisor Report

  • Student Academic / Address / GPA Data

If you are looking to run an ARGOS report that you do not have access to, please submit an Argos - Request New Account or Modify Permissions Request.  

If you are looking for service requests for trend reporting on the subject of admissions, enrollment, retention, degree awards, etc., please see the reports that are publicly available on the Institutional Research & Analysis web site. Some of the data that you are looking for may be found there. If you need additional data, please continue with making a new service request.  

Available to

Faculty and Staff

How To Request      

Click the Request Data/Report button and complete the request form.


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