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The Student Loaner Technology Program is designed to provide students with temporary access to technology resources to support their academic success. This program is particularly beneficial during times when students may not have access to their own devices or when they require specific technology for a short-term need.

Program Goals:

  • To ensure that all students have access to the technology resources they need to participate fully in their academic programs.
  • To provide a seamless and supportive experience for students requiring temporary technology resources.
  • To collaborate with various campus departments to enhance the overall effectiveness of the program.

Available to

The eligibility criteria for our loaner technology program includes several factors to ensure that the resources are allocated to students in need and can be managed effectively.  All requests will be evaluated by BITS on the following: 

  • Academic Enrollment: Students must be currently enrolled in courses at SUNY Brockport.
  • Residence: Priority may be given to students who reside off campus and are unable to access labs during their open hours. 
  • Financial Need: Priority may be given to students who demonstrate financial need.
  • Lack of Access: Students who do not have personal access to a computer or necessary technology for their coursework may be eligible.
  • Program or Course Requirements: Some programs may have specific technology requirements that make students eligible for loaner technology.
  • Duration of Loan: The loaner terms may specify the duration for which the technology can be loaned, which could align with the semester, academic year, or the duration of a specific project, course, or repair of a students personal device. 

How To Request      

Click the Request a Loaner button and complete the request form.


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