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What is an OSCQR? For faculty teaching a course 100% online, the Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR) (https://oscqr.suny.edu/) Rubric is a guide for online faculty to use research-based effective course design and accessibility practices to improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of their online course helping them become more learner-centered. The Academic Systems & Instructional Support (ASIS) team will contact you to schedule a team meeting.

Available to

Faculty teaching a course 100% online. 

Note: Class must have been run at least one full semester before a review will be performed


  • Initial meeting with ASIS team to discuss course and expectations
    • Initial meeting will be scheduled by ASIS within 1 month of submitting this request
    • The entire process may take 2 months or more to complete – depending on faculty involvement
  • ASIS team reviews the course using the OSCQR Rubric
    • The evaluation part of this process may take between two and 4 weeks to complete
  • ASIS team schedules a re-meet with the faculty member to discuss modifications
  • Faculty member modifies the course to meet OSCQR requirements
  • ASIS reviews modifications
    • If successfully meets OSCQR requirements – information is sent to Special Sessions for stipend disbursement
    • If does not meet OSCQR requirements – faculty member will need to continue modifications

Service Costs

There is no fee for this service.

How To Request      

Click the Request OSCQR Review button and complete the request form.        


Blackboard Support 585-395-5151 Option 6 or 1-844-673-6786

Blackboard Support - Hours can be found at the Academic Systems & Instructional Support page and the Blackboard login page. Please click on the Service Desk Link to Request an Appointment with an Instructional Designer for a one on one session.

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