Teams: Brockport Teams – Guest (non-Brockport) Access

This article has information about how to add a guest to your Team and how the guest can access the Team. Teams Guest Access means that accounts can now be added to your Teams. This allows for collaboration with other colleges and organizations. By granting guests access to existing teams and channels in Teams, anyone you add can participate as a guest in Teams with access to team chats, meetings, and files.

  1. Add the guest to your team following these instructions:  Adding a Guest to your Team
  2. Have your guest follow this training video to access the Team for the first time: Join a Team as a Guest
  3. For security reasons Guests will need to sign-up for and enable multi-factor authentication before they can access the Team as well.  For more information about multi-factor authentication visit the What is multi-factor authentication page
  4. Guest account have limited access in Teams for more information about what Guests have access to in Teams visit the Team owner, member, and guest capabilities page.

If you need further assistance, please enter a ticket here Teams Request, or call the IT Service Desk at  (585) 395-5151 Option 1

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