Knowbe4 - How to complete training


This documentation provides guidance on how to complete Knowbe4 Security Awareness Trainings.

This includes step-by-step instructions how to complete them.

NOTE: The examples shown may be different depending on your operating system or browser of choice. Steps should be similar.


How To:

On the Training tab of the Leaner Experience, you'll see a card for each of your assignments. For the best experience, review the tips below before starting you training.


  • Disable your pop-up blocker. Your training assignments will open in a new window. If you have a pop-up block enabled, you will not be able to open the assignment.
    • For your security, it is recommended that you re-enable your pop-up blocker again, once you have completed your training.
  • Check the selected language before you begin. The assignment title will display in the selected language. You can change this setting using the drop-down menu next the Start button.
    • If you already selected you preferred language and this assignment is showing a different language, it could mean one of two things: This assignment was started before you selected preferred language or, this assignment is not available in your preferred language. 



  • Make sure you have enough time to complete the training assignment. At the top of the card, you can see how long the assignment is estimated to complete and time left before the due date.
    • If you need to take a break from your training but have not fully completed the assignment, close the browser window to save you progress for later. You can always return to it later.


When you're ready to begin your training assignment, click the Start button. Follow the prompts throughout your training. Keep in mind each training may have different steps but are typically similar.


Once you complete a training assignment, close your browser window to mark your progress as complete. Recently completed assignments will be listed at the bottom of your Training tab. From the completed assignment card, you can download completion certificate, see when you completed the training, and review the training assignment.



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