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How to sign in and select training in the Knowbe4 plaftorm.
How to complete the policy training in the Knowbe4 platform.
What is cybersecurity and how do we practice it? People often envision MIT graduates surrounded by burritos and Red Bulls furiously typing away on a Cray supercomputer. It’s the stuff of TV shows and movies. They pause ever so often to converse in the inscrutable language of computers. Then it’s right back to furious typing long into the night. The reality of cybersecurity, the most important aspects of it, are very different. Information Technology presents risks. We all have a role to play in
How can I make my house more secure to protect my workplace resources without spending a ton of money and time? Heck, how can I better protect my personal stuff also at the same time? If company networks at Uber, Cisco, and others are being successfully attacked, my home network certainly doesn’t stand a chance.That is why the National Security Agency (NSA) recommendations related to working from home really got my attention back in February of this year (2023).
What do phishers, scammers, criminals on the internet want? Increasingly they want user credentials.