Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Enrollment Process

User Registration Experience

We recommend everyone review our MFA FAQ for answers to our most frequent questions.

The first time you log in to your Brockport Email, you will automatically be prompted for more information. 

Brockport more information required. Select next.

Most people use a cell phone for their first device using text messaging.

Select the options, Authentication Phone and Send me a code by text message along with your phone number and country code.

Additional Security Verification. Enter in how you would like to be contacted and verify that method.

We highly recommend adding the Microsoft Authenticator App as a second method in case you lose your phone or get a new number. 

You can manage your existing methods or add a second MFA device option by going to

Using that link you can add an office or home phone (text or call verification), set up push notifications using the Microsoft Authenticator App, or add a hardware token (Yubico key) if you have one. 

If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket here: I Need Help, or call the IT Service Desk at  (585) 395-5151 Option 1

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