Student Checklist: Getting Started at Brockport

Here, we laid out steps and information for you to check-off when you come to campus and get all of your information. 
Connect to the Wi-Fi
On the Brockport campus, there are a few networks that will pop up on your device when searched. They include:
  1. SUNY Brockport Secure
  2. Guest@Brockport
  3. SUNY Brockport
  4. BrockportResNet
  5. Eduroam
These are all of the official networks owned by Brockport. As a student, connect to SUNY Brockport with your NetID and password while in class or around campus. If you are living on campus, make sure you are using BrockportResNet, as that will be the strongest network for you to stream shows, surf the web or play games on. Any questions about ResNet connections should be directed to ResNet Support by calling (585) 395-5151 Option 3
The difference between NetID & Banner ID
Your Banner ID (also called '800 number') is a 9 digit number starting with 800. This is used for identification in situations like at Registration & Records or at Hazen Health Center and can be found on your ID card if needed. Make sure you memorize this number.
Your NetID is used to login to most systems like your email,  Brightspace, or Web Banner. Your NetID is the first letter of your first name, the first four of your last, followed by a number (Ex: vcroc1). HERE is some more NetID information.  
Set up your Email
At Brockport, your email is your NetID, followed by ''
Brockport's email client is Microsoft Outlook, so use that accordingly if signing into your Brockport email on your phone. You may login to your email HERE to get started. Make sure you check your email and Spam / Junk folder, as important information is sent to your email. If you see any suspicious emails in your inbox, forward them to
Log into Microsoft OneDrive
SUNY Brockport uses Microsoft's OneDrive, a cloud based storage system for students to store their information and files for classes. You can sign into OneDrive HERE.
Learn about discounted Software with OnTheHub
Brockport has certain agreements with companies that allows Brockport to sell software at a discounted price to students. OnTheHub has a suite of software from Adobe products, to Microsoft, to antivirus software. Browse the suite to see if Brockport offers what you need!
 Follow these Security Tips
  • Make sure you place a password on all devices. Include letters, numbers and special characters (!@%?)
  • If you have work devices and personal devices, make the passwords different
  • Lock devices when you are away from them
  • Never share passwords
  • Install anti-virus on your personal PC (check OnTheHub)
If you need further assistance, please submit a ticket here: I Need Help, or call the IT Service Desk at (585) 395-5151 Option 1.
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