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About SUNY Brockport ID Cards 

Your ID Card serves as your official university identification. Plus, you’ll use it as your dining card, library card, for access to resident halls, to buy books, to get into sporting events, and much, much more. All SUNY Brockport students are required to have an ID card, including those enrolled exclusively in online learning. 

To Request an ID Card for Students and Employees

Upload your ID appropriate photo from your phone to the GET app. 

Please Note: This is for new ID cards only. New students must be registered for classes in order to begin this process. New Employees must have received their NetID to begin this process.  If you are a current student, faculty, or staff and your ID card is lost or stolen we recommend that you deactivate your card until you either get a temporary card or purchase a new card. See “LOST” section for more information.

  1. Download the GET app from the Android or Apple store, managed by CBORD Group, Inc. 
  2. Sign in using your NET ID and password. This is the same NET ID and password you would use to access your Brockport email address.

  3. Once logged in, click on the menu icon at the top right-hand corner and click on "Settings". 

  4. Click "Upload Photo". 

  5. Snap your picture using the photo checklist below. When ready, click "Done" to submit.

  6. You will receive an email confirmation, at your Brockport email address, if your photo was approved or denied based on the regulations listed below. 

Tip: If you are unable to sign into the GET app from your mobile device, try the online portal (  

Photo Checklist 

Your submission should resemble a driver's license or passport photo. Make sure your photo meets this checklist: 

  • Does the photo identify you as a person? 

  • You will be required to show a backup ID to prove your identity. Please make sure your picture is in fact, YOU! 

  • Are you looking straight at the camera? 

  • Side profiles are out of style! Center your photo as much as possible. There should be a small space between your head and the top of the image. Don't tilt the camera. 

  • Is your background a light, solid, neutral color with good lighting with no shadows on your face? 

  • No distracting backgrounds, please. Make sure your lighting isn't too dark, bright, or blurry, and there aren't any shadows on your face. 

  • Is your photo in color with no filters? 

  • Save those B&W and other fancy filters for Instagram and Snapchat! 

  • Did you take off your hat, sunglasses, and move your hair away from your face? 

  • We love your hat, sunglasses, and jewelry, but we love to see your face more. Please make sure your hair isn't covering your face. 

  • Your face is all we need!  

  • Please no hand gestures or facial expressions (other than a smile of course). 

ID Card Distribution

2023-2024 ID Card Distribution Schedule 

SUNY Brockport Affiliation 

05/16/2023 to 08/07/2023

08/08/2023 to 08/23/2023

08/24/2023 to 09/08/2023

09/09/2023 to 12/2023

 Main Campus Commuter Students 

Mailed to permanent address on file in Banner 


Pickup @ the Conrad Welcome Center (allow 24hrs for processing) 

Mailed to permanent address on file in Banner
Main Campus Resident Students Mailed to permanent address on file in Banner 

Pick up at Residence Hall during check in

Pickup @ the Conrad Welcome Center (allow 24hrs for processing) 

Mailed to permanent address on file in Banner

 Main Campus Faculty/Staff 

Mailed to campus mailbox

 Brockport Downtown Students and Staff 

Mailed to permanent address on file in Banner 

 Online Students 

Mailed to permanent address on file in Banner 

Note: Please allow at least 1 week after receiving the photo approved notification in the GET app, before attempting to check the status of your ID card request. 

Lost your ID Card? 

If your ID card is lost or stolen, deactivate your card until you either get a temporary card or purchase a new card. Students can deactivate their card within the GET app.

Students and employees must visit the Conrad Welcome Center 7:45 am – 4 pm (Monday-Friday) to obtain a temporary ID card. The temporary card will expire in 4 days and MUST be returned to Conrad Welcome Center or a $25 fine will be imposed. To replace a lost card, visit the Conrad Welcome Center (Parking & Transportation Services). Replacement fee is $25. Payment methods accepted: cash, MasterCard Visa, Discover.

The temporary ID card replaces your original ID card; therefore, if you find your original ID card it will not work. You must bring the temporary ID card and your original ID card to the Conrad Welcome Center.

Special Requests 

Offices may request special badges by emailing 3 weeks in advance. Appointment date and time will be confirmed.

If you need further assistance with an existing card or want to check why you have not received your card (please wait at least 1 week after your photo is approved and you are notified in the GET app before checking the status of your ID card), please submit a ticket here: Brockport ID Cards, or call the IT Service Desk at  (585) 395-5151 Option 1

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