Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Installing the Authenticator App and Registering Your Devices

This article will show you how to set up Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication on your mobile phone as an extra security measure to protect your Microsoft accounts. See the FAQs at the bottom of the article for more insight.

Be sure to have a computer and a mobile device in front of you to complete this setup process.

1. Download the Authenticator application (pictured below) from the App Store or Google Play Store

iOS application Android application

2. Navigate to

3. Login using your Brockport NetID and Password 

NOTE: If you get are prompted with this screen, click next and fill out information

Information request

The first time you login, you may need to fill out some information

Choose to be contacted by 'Mobile App' 

Additional security verification

4. Sign into the Authenticator application with your Brockport NetID and Password

Adding an account

5. Click 'Next' to login on your Computer

8. Fill out any additional information needed

Security choice verification

Option for verification

9. Once done with setting up your information on your computer, click 'Set Up Authenticator App' 

Set up Authenticatior app button

10. Open the Authenticator app

11. Click the '+' on the top right corner to add your account 

12. Choose 'Work or School Account'

13. Allow access to the camera

Allowing access

After clicking 'Set up Authenticator App' in step 9, you will be prompted with this QR code

14. Scan this with your Authenticator app to log yourself in and finish communication of Mobile phone and Computer.

Configuring mobile app with QR code

15. Click 'Next' and another verification step will begin

Verifying application loading

A prompt on your Android or iOS device will appear almost immediately with a verification request

Once logging in, you will receive a verification request on mobile

16. Open the application and click the 'Approve' option 

Approval or Denial

The app will communicate to the computer and log you in. 

We strongly suggest setting up a second device/verification method when setting up your two-step verification account, you may use that second device to authenticate.

How can I change my MFA’s authentication method?

Microsoft has helpful provided instructions to manage and change your MFA method here:  

The direct link to change your authentication method:



Why doesn't the Email app on my Android work with MFA?

You must use the Outlook app if your account has MFA enabled.

My phone's email app isn't accepting my password after setting up MFA. What am I doing wrong?

When you originally setup your account on your phone, it was configured to not be an MFA account. If you delete your account from your phone and re-add it, it should resolve this issue.

Please see the Multi-Factor Authentication - FAQ related article on the right of this page for more information about MFA and FAQ's

If you need further assistance, please place a ticket here: I Need Help , or call the call the IT Service Desk at  (585) 395-5151 Option 1. 

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