Voicemail and Campus Telephones

Services (12)

Audio Conferencing Bridge/ Speakerphone

Rent a speakerphone or to register for an audio conferencing bridge for a multiple participant call.

Cable Clean-Up

Request one of our technicians to clean up any old cable laying around.

Call Menu (Queue) Requests

ACD and Queue Requests

Cisco Jabber

Cisco Jabber allows you to use your campus phone remotely through your laptop or cellphone.

Communications Stakeout

Request Telecommunications stake out all data lines.

Department Billing Number (DBN) Request Form

This form is required for any member of a department to make international phone calls

Installation, Move, and Repair Requests for Data, Phones, Paging, and Cameras

Form for requesting installation, moves, and repairs for Data, Phones, Paging, and Cameras.

Request Phone Services or Report an Issue

Please use this form to request changes in phone features, notify BITS of phone moves, or report an issue with your phone.

Speech Recognition Directory Form

Add or remove an alternate name from the speech recognition directory, or to send comments about the system.

Telecommunications Site Survey

Schedule for one of our technicians to survey an area for possible telephone and/or data installations or moves.

Telephone / Accessories Order Form

Order a new telephone or accessories for your telephone.

Voice Mail

Voice Mail requests