Popular Services

This service can be used to ask for IT assistance if you are not sure which form to use or if you are having trouble signing into a campus system such as Banner or email.

Request software for faculty/staff computer, classroom or a student computer lab.

Request the installation of existing hardware, surplus equipment and printers, or initiate the purchase of a new computer.

Requests relating to the campus email system Office 365

This service is for all requests for the Banner Student Information System.

Microsoft OneDrive is a supported file storage service here at Brockport.

Request support for Blackboard for online, hybrid and face to face courses

This service is used to request or remove access to  Admin Banner. One of the attached form must be filled out, signed, and attached to the request.

Grant/Revoke calendar access or create a new calendar

Service requests for trend reporting on the subject of admissions, enrollment, retention, degrees awarded, etc

Grant or Modify access or contents of a FileShare on FileCity2 or ResCity

EMS is the campus event management system and is used to request space and services for Events as well as reserve space for classes

Form for requesting installation, moves, and repairs for Data, Phones, Paging, and Cameras.

Please use this form to request changes in phone features, notify BITS of phone moves, or report an issue with your phone.

This service can be used by students to request Technology Resources.

Microsoft Teams is a supported collaboration software here at Brockport and the hub for teamwork in Office365.

Form for any distribution and listsrv requests.

This service can be used by Faculty/Staff to request Classroom and Office Technology Resources.

Voice Mail requests

This service is for requesting a new account or modifying permissions for the Banner Document Imaging and Management System.

Request access to Zoom with your Brockport account. Please note: Licenses are currently only available to faculty for use in online instruction

Services related to third party software integration

The College at Brockport faculty and staff may request a Blackboard Community Organization for campus-related activities.