My Recently Visited Services

This service is used to request or remove access to  Admin Banner. One of the attached form must be filled out, signed, and attached to the request.

You can use this form to request an OSCQR (Open SUNY Course Quality Review) of your course using the OSCQR Rubric.

This request can be used to report issues with the Brockport Website

Request support for Blackboard/Brightspace for online, hybrid and face to face courses

Schedule for one of our technicians to survey an area for possible telephone and/or data installations or moves.

MachForm is a web-based application that makes it easy to create and manage forms of all types.

Request the installation of existing hardware, surplus equipment and printers, or initiate the purchase of a new computer.

Voice Mail requests

This service can be used by Faculty/Staff to request Classroom and Office Technology Resources.

This service can be used to ask for IT assistance if you are not sure which form to use or if you are having trouble signing into a campus system such as Banner or email.

Service to request a new Single Sign-On Implementation.

Please use this form to request changes in phone features, notify BITS of phone moves, or report an issue with your phone.

Request software for faculty/staff computer, classroom or a student computer lab.

This form can be used to request an appointment with the Academic Systems and Instructional Support Team .
For immediate support please contact the SUNY Online Help Desk website or 585-395-5151 Option 6

Service requests for trend reporting on the subject of admissions, enrollment, retention, degrees awarded, etc

Request the restoration of course content and student data (optional) from an archived Blackboard course or request.

Request the merger of course sections into a single Blackboard course site.

Microsoft Teams is a supported collaboration software here at Brockport and the hub for teamwork in Office365.

The College at Brockport faculty and staff may request a Blackboard Community Organization for campus-related activities.

Rent a speakerphone or to register for an audio conferencing bridge for a multiple participant call.

Support and requests for Qualtrics Web Survey Tool

EMS is the campus event management system and is used to request space and services for Events as well as reserve space for classes